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IAWA Welcomes Its Two Newest Board of Directors

IAWA announces Marita Lintener, Founder and Managing Director of Lintener European Aviation Consultancy as VP of Europe /Africa, and Selda Konukcu, Regional Business Development Director of Honeywell High Growth Regions as VP of Asia/Middle East.

MOUNT ROYAL, NJ - July 21, 2020 - The International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA), a global association committed to connecting, inspiring and leading women in the aviation industry, announced the addition of two aviation and aerospace leaders to its Board of Directors. Marita Lintener, Founder and Managing Director of Lintener European Aviation Consultancy has accepted the position as Vice President of Europe /Africa. Selda Konukcu, Regional Business Development Director of Honeywell High Growth Regions has accepted the position as the Vice President of Asia/Middle East.

"I know I speak for the entire Board when I express my excitement to have these two industry-leading women join our executive team," said Bobbi Wells, President of IAWA. "Both Marita and Selda bring global experience in the aviation and aerospace industry and most certainly will add to the diverse group we already have representing the IAWA membership. I look forward to working with them both."

Marita Lintener is the Founder and Managing Director of Lintener European Aviation Consultancy. She has more than 30 years of experience in the transport, aviation and aerospace sector in Europe and globally. Having worked with the major airlines and all industry partners along the value chain as well as with the public sector, e.g. the European Commission and international agencies, she advocated the need for creating value for shareholders and stakeholders. She is a Member and Executive Advisor in the AAA-Advisors.Net, a premier network of experienced senior executives and professionals.

Marita has been dedicated to Gender Balance and Diversity in Aviation and Aerospace for many years and is member and diversity ambassador for the 'Women in Transport - EU Platform for Change'. She holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Bonn and an Executive degree in Advanced Management and Leadership from the University of Oxford, Said Business School. Marita is certified business coach, mediator and lecturer for project management.

Selda Konukcu is the Regional Business Development & Strategy Director of Honeywell and she serves as the Advisory Board member of the Emirates Aviation Business School. Selda has 18 years of global experience covering various roles in the defense, commercial aerospace, aviation and other industrial sectors.

Selda started her career as systems engineer working for the missile industry in Turkey. Following this, she joined Rolls Royce (RR) Plc Customer Business Leadership Program in the UK, where she served in various customer business management capacities including sales, marketing, business development and project management, in the UK, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore. After RR, she joined GE Aviation as the regional sales director, based in the UAE where she worked on the sales of new engine and maintenance contracts for airlines. Following GE Aviation; Selda worked at Celebi Aviation where she led ground handling and cargo handling customer business including sales and commercial functions. In this role, she also delivered several investment programs in partnership with key airports in Turkey. She is currently working for the global technology leader, Honeywell based in Dubai, serving as the director of business development, covering the company's diverse business portfolio in the Middle East region.

Selda earned a BSc and MSc in Aerospace Engineering from METU; as well as an MSc in Information and Knowledge Management and PhD on Supply Chain Management from Loughborough University; and an MBA from INSEAD. Selda is a trained coach and mentor. She believes in the power of diversity and is committed to supporting gender equality in all aspects of life.

To qualify for general IAWA membership, applicants must have five years of aviation industry experience in a management or executive level position. In order to become a member of the Board, significant aviation leadership experience and a demonstrated passion for creating gender balance are essential for consideration.

For more information about the Board, the Association, studies and membership, visit IAWA.org.

Submitted: 07/21/20
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