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The International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA), an organization of business and
professional women who hold senior positions in the aviation and aerospace industries, is very
pleased to announce a newly elected Board of Directors for 2010-2011.

Heading the board as President in her first year of a two-year term is Katherine Staton, Partner,
Jackson Walker L.L.P., Dallas, Texas.

President-Elect is Mylène Scholnick, Senior Vice President at SkyWorks Capital, LLC, Greenwich, CT.

Other Officers and Board Members elected for the 2010 are:

Secretary: Susan Sheets, President, National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA), Washington, DC;

Treasurer: Ellyn Slow, Senior Vice President, Netjets, Inc., Woodbridge, NJ;

Vice President, Membership: Abby Bried, Senior Attorney, Continental Airlines, Inc., Houston, TX;

Vice President, Public Relations/Communications: Zoe Layden, Key Account Manager Global
Aviation, Allianz, London, UK;

Vice President, Scholarship: Lisa Piccione, Senior Vice President Government Affairs, National
Business Aviation Association, Washington, D.C.;

Vice Presidents, Annual Conference: Kathy Guilfoyle, Attorney, Campbell Edwards & Conroy, PC,
Boston, MA; Alina Nassar, Partner, Nassar Abogados S.A., San Jose, Costa Rica;

Vice Presidents, International Affairs: Ulla Norrhall, Claims Manager, Legal Counsel, International
Insurance Co. of Hanover, Ltd., Stockholm, Sweden; Nancy Graham, Director, Air Navigation
Bureau, ICAO, Montreal, Canada; Nancy Young, Air Transport Association of America, Washington,

Vice President, Industry Liaison-Insurance and General Aviation: Connie Lewis Lensing, Vice
President, FedEx Corporation, Memphis, TN;

Vice President, Industry Liaison-Airlines and Airports: Carol Ronan-Heath, Legal Adviser, Emirates,

Vice President, Industry Liaison-Manufacturers: Susan M. Walsh, Director, Commercial &
International Programs, Pratt & Whitney, Washington, D.C.;

Vice President, Sponsorships: Diana Gurfel, Partner, Condon & Forsyth LLP, New York, NY;

Chair, Advisory Board: Cecile Hatfield, Principal, Law Office of Cecile Hatfield, Miami, FL;

Advisory Board: Marion Blakey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace Industries
Association (AIA) Arlington, VA; Susan Baer, Director of Aviation, Port Authority of New York and
New Jersey, New Jersey; Kris Fellrath, Vice President – Program Management, Airplane Programs,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Seattle, WA; WA; Suzon Franzke, Aviation Consultant, Vero Beach,
FL and Renee Martin-Nagle, Vice President and General Counsel, Airbus Americas, Inc., Herndon,
VA. and Elizabeth M. Freidenberg, Freidenberg, Freidenberg & Lifsic, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

Past Presidents: Debra Fowler, Senior Aviation Counsel, US Department of Justice, Washington, DC
and Julie Ellis, Partner, Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens and Cannada, PLLC Crescent Center,
Memphis, TN;

Executive Secretary: Karen Griggs

Submitted: 12/22/09
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