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Press Releases

Top Airlines CFOs and Treasurers to Speak at IAWA's 22nd Annual Conference

IAWA is pleased to announce that the upcoming 22nd Annual Conference to be held at the Taj
Hotel in Boston on October 6-8, 2010, will begin with an illustrious set of speakers that will
include Laura H. Wright, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Southwest Airlines
Co., Beverly K. Goulet, Vice President - Corporate Development and Treasurer, American Airlines,
Inc., Candice Li, Vice President, Treasurer, WestJet Airlines, and Julie Southern, Chief Commercial
& Financial Officer at Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ltd. Topics will include the Aviation Financing
Markets, how they have evolved since the credit crunch, how airlines are coping in light of the
crunch, and the panelists' duties with their respective airlines such as cash management, budget,
or overall financing responsibilities.

Submitted: 04/16/10
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